Joey Riedel has been a performer his whole life. He started performing for his Jr. High School dance with his first band at the young age of 14. His main influence has been the British rocker Elton John.

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Throughout the years, Joey has grown into the biggest Elton John fan and knows every song, every vocal, every backing vocal, every instrument part inside and out! So when shopping for impersonators of this Artist you will find none better, who takes the role seriously, to fill the shoes of Elton (excluding Elton himself, of course) but Mr. Joey Riedel!!


He has travelled across the globe adding more and more successful Elton John tributes, satisfied fans and private events under his belt. During the show Joey will take you on a musical journey of the Elton John catalog that spans 3 decades of hits. When it comes to costumes Mr. Riedel has spared no expense.

Simply Amazing. Do NOT miss it.