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This layout permitted the former Mersey Railway route to be connected to the former Cheshire Lines Committee route from the closed Central High Level Station and so allow the Northern Line to be extended in a southerly direction to Garston and, later, Hunts Cross. Destination Merseyside. One line running south from the city centre to Hunts Cross with the second line running north from the city centre to Southport, and the branches off this line to Ormskirk and Kirkby. The two lines operated by Merseyrail which form part of the Merseyrail Network are the busiest British urban commuter networks outside London, transporting over 100,000 passengers a day. Rock Ferry became one of the terminals for the Merseyrail Wirral Line. The reinstatement of the Burscough Curves would allow direct Preston-Southport & Ormskirk-Southport services and provide an alternative Liverpool-Southport route via Ormskirk. [12] This was followed by the separate Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway line from Liverpool Exchange to Southport, which was electrified in 1906. This included the unrealised Edge Hill Spur scheme from Liverpool Central Low Level to Edge Hill using the Waterloo Tunnel and a section of the City Line from Edge Hill to Broad Green. 's Goodison Park and Liverpool F.C. The line provides direct access from the north and south of Liverpool to the shopping and business districts in the city centre via two underground stations, Liverpool Central and Moorfields, both of which also interchange with the Loop Line, which is an extension of the Wirral Line. There are 57 trains in service on the network. [83] The Network Rail document proposes using battery powered rolling stock precluding full electrification of the line, also providing a cheaper method of increasing connectivity into the electrified Birkenhead and Liverpool sections of the Wirral line. ", "Merseyrail - train times & timetables, journey planner & service updates", "Merseyside Area land use Transportation study (MALTS) project report. [68], In its 30-year plan of 2014 Merseytravel mentions the possibility of a new station between Moorfields and Sandhills in the Vauxhall area. Branded under the Merseyrail name, the routes are operated by Northern Trains on behalf of Merseytravel.Unlike the Merseyrail network, which is a partially underground rapid transit/commuter rail system with largely isolated infrastructure, the City Line serves a larger area using main line routes shared with regional, national, and high-speed services. [95] This delay in electrification may delay any proposed passenger use for the line. Northern and Wirral lines interchange at Liverpool Central and Moorfields in the city centre. Mossley Hill, West Allerton, Liverpool South Parkway, Hough Green, Widnes, Warrington Central. Rock Ferry railway station had been a terminus for Wirral Line services since the Mersey Railway was extended there from Green Lane in 1891. These sub-loops allowed more direct journeys to the city centre from the eastern suburbs giving the overall scheme greater viability. The line from Hooton to Chester was electrified in 1993, Chester thus becoming a terminus station of the Wirral Line. [60][74] The line was considered in the Merseyside Route Utilisation Strategy document, concluding that reopening could not yet be recommended. Prices. The present Merseyrail system was merged from the lines of five former pre-Grouping rail systems: The nucleus of the system was the Mersey Railway, which opened from Liverpool James Street to Green Lane, Birkenhead running through the Mersey Railway Tunnel, one of the world's first underwater railway tunnels in 1886. The linking of the two tunnels had been envisaged when the Mersey Railway was extended to Central from James Street in the 1890s, with the Mersey Railway ensuring the two tunnels were on the same alignment. In 2020 a series of investments and land purchases advanced the case for a station at the site of St James in the Baltic Triangle. In preparation for the full integration of the City Line into the network, the name was maintained with Merseytravel sponsoring the stations that are inside Merseyside, complete with Merseyrail branding.[53]. (, National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers, Stadler's maintenance depot and UK headquarters, Serco and NedRailways (renamed Abellio in 2009), Liverpool City Region Long Term Rail Strategy, Connecting Communities: Expanding Access to the Rail Network, List of underground stations of the Merseyrail network, "Abellio Group Head Office" Group corporate website, Abellio, Utrecht, Netherlands, Undate, "Merseyrail corporate information | Merseyrail Electrics | Serco | Abellio", "Merseytravel reveals new £460m train fleet plans - with no train guards", "Stadler signs £700 million deal to replace the UK's oldest fleet on Liverpool's Merseytravel line", "All Merseyrail strikes suspended as union hails 'major breakthrough' that could finally end dispute", "Merseytravel and Stadler sign new fleet deal, but legal challenge remains", "Construction begins on Kirkdale depot to maintain new Merseyrail fleet",, "Network Rail 2009 Strategic Business Plan - Merseyrail Route 21",, "Andy Heath appointed new managing director of Merseyrail", "We have taken the 'misery' out of Merseyrail", "Merseyrail trains are most reliable in the UK", "Merseyrail profits gather speed to reach record levels", "Merseyrail takes 840 to court over feet on seats", "Is Merseyrail's feet on seats policy too harsh? [52] In March 2015 the Electrification Task force placed electrifying the line from Liverpool to Manchester via Warrington Central in the Tier 1 priority category. [62][63][64] Part of the Spatial Regeneration Framework for the area includes a new Baltic Triangle railway station[65][66] [33] The Birkenhead Central depot is proposed for reopening.[34]. [26] Following a period of strike action, an agreement was reached to guarantee a guard on every train. The Gateacre service was the last to operate out of the former Liverpool Central High Level Station prior to its closure in 1972. [45] Merseyrail is the only UK train operator to take such a vigorous approach, a stand which Merseyrail claims has proved very popular with commuters and has reduced anti-social behaviour on the system.[46]. Learn more The Southport Chapel Street to Crossens section was on the Southport to Preston line which was axed in 1964.[51]. Upon re-tendering, Northern Rail failed to retain the contract, and it passed to Arriva Rail North from 1 April 2016. This short extension of electrified Merseyrail line at the southern end of the Northern Line opened in 1983. Merseyside's popular bus corridors became a hot-bed of intense competition with less lucrative services ignored and in some cases disappearing. Use the Calculator at the bottom of this page to quickly check the cost of a Merseyrail Only Railpass for your journey and to see exactly how much you could save. Create the Outer Rail Loop; effectively a rail loop around the outer suburbs of the city using existing lines, that would also run through the city centre. Two lines known as the Northern Line and the Wirral Line with each line having substantial branches compose the network. Access to the City Line would have been obtained via a flyover to the east of Edge Hill Station over the main lines from Lime Street. [101] The range of options considered including a simple park and ride on the existing Northern Line Kirkby branch, an extension of the Northern Line Kirkby branch to a new terminus in Skelmersdale and finally a connection from the Northern Line Ormskirk branch, possibly extended to create a loop via Skelmersdale between Kirkby and Ormskirk. Following the collapse of the Merseytram scheme in 2006, proposals were considered to revive the project, with the route of the tunnels currently safeguarded. Child £2.30 1 Area (A, B, C or D) - £2.30. The lines are electrified throughout using the third-rail 750 V DC system. Railpass, Saveaway (All Areas) tickets and Merseytravel Free Travel passes are valid on rail only in this area. As a result of the privatisation of British Rail, the Northern Line and Wirral Line were brought together as the Mersey Rail Electrics passenger franchise, being sold on 19 January 1997. If you are purchasing multiple tickets the person named on the ticket must be travelling in the group. Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the "liverpoolcentral" Flickr tag. The loop tunnel gave interchanges for passengers of the Wirral Line to the Northern line at Moorfields and Central stations. [53]. The fleet consists of two vessels: Royal Iris of the Mersey and Snowdrop. In the 1969 MALTS report, this section is referred to as the Tawd Vale branch. Concession N/A Family N/A Group N/A Neil Scales, the former Chief Executive and Director General of Merseytravel, in his 2011 presentation "Growing the Railways on Merseyside",[9] outlined future projects that Merseytravel may be involved in: Merseytravel have also stated their support to linking Liverpool to the HS2 network with a directly connected, brand new, twin-track line. The line's last passenger trains were withdrawn in 1977. The remainder, between Paradise Street Junction and Derby Square Junction, was retained for use as a rolling stock interchange line between the Northern and Wirral lines and also for a reversing siding for Wirral Line trains terminating at James Street when the Loop Tunnel is inoperative. [111], Media related to Merseyrail at Wikimedia Commons, Rock Ferry to Hooton, Chester and Ellesmere Port, Extending the network via electrification, "Liverpool City Centre Plan - City Centre Planning Group, 1965", Cheshire Lines Committee Lines: North Liverpool Extension Line, Southport and Cheshire Lines Extension Railway, Garston and Liverpool Railway On reopening under the Merseyrail brand, the electrified line never reached Gateacre as it once did, terminating three stations towards the city centre at Garston. Merseybus along with new entrants like CMT Buses, Fareway, Halton Transport, Liverbus, Liverlne, PMT's Red Rider, Village Group, and other smaller operators. This included a new station tunnel at Hamilton Square to serve the lines to New Brighton and West Kirby. The transport authority area is extended to include the whole of the Liverpool City Region, which comprises Merseyside and the Borough of Halton. Merseyrail does not operate the trains or stations; however, the trains stop at two stations operated by Merseyrail. Merseyrail employs a team of officers who enforce railway by-laws relating to placing feet on seats, travelling without tickets, and other aspects of anti-social behaviour. It was later renamed the Merseyside Integrated Transport Authority and comprised 18 councillors assembled from Merseyside's five districts: Liverpool, Knowsley, St Helens, Sefton and Wirral. The report found that the Wapping Tunnel was in good condition though suffered from flooding in places and would require some remedial work, but that the concept of reopening the tunnel was viable. Most of these lines were modern electrified lines. It would extend the two connecting tunnels from Central Station in a large radius curve to the north, passing beneath the mainline Lime Street station approach cutting accessing Edge Hill via a section of the Waterloo/Victoria Tunnel. A tunnelled branch to Birkenhead Park was added in 1888 to connect with the Wirral Railway and the original line extended to Rock Ferry to connect with the Birkenhead Woodside to Chester line in 1891.[48]. The loop would also be split into two loops, one north and one south of Liverpool's city centre, heading for the city centre's Central Station from Broad Green in the east via the Edge Hill Junction. Merseyrail is both a British train operating company (TOC) and also the name of a commuter rail network, in Merseyside, England.It is part of the National Rail network. The contract is for 25 years expiring in 2028. The last regular passenger trains ran over the curves in 1962; the tracks were subsequently lifted. [72], The Burscough Curves were short chords linking the Ormskirk to Preston Line with the Manchester to Southport Line. The Strategic Plan for the North West, the SPNW, in 1973 envisaged that the Outer Loop, the Edge Hill Spur connecting the east of the city to the central underground sections, and the lines to St. Helens, Wigan and Warrington would be electrified and all integrated into Merseyrail by 1991.[52]. Two sets have been written off and scrapped. This flyover has since been demolished. The electrified commuter line from Liverpool Exchange extended to Crossens in the north of Southport. [92] The line has been mooted on many occasions for electrifying and reopening to passengers, giving scope to reopen stations along its length: Spellow, Walton & Anfield, Breck Road, Tuebrook, Stanley and Edge Lane.[60]. Carrying approximately 110,000 passengers each weekday, or 34 million passengers per year, it forms the most heavily used urban railway network in the UK outside London. The Northern Line would form the western section through the city centre. Central Liverpool Bootle Birkenhead To Manchester (Northern) To Preston (Northern) To North Wales (Various) 25min SoccerBus (Match Days Only) High-speed Services to Birmingham and London Liverpool South Parkway Green Lane West Kirkby Bache AREA C RIVER MERSEY Meols Cop AREA D AREA A AREA B AREA G AREA C AREA C AREA F A/C 86A (24h), 80A, 500 Zoo Baltic Tri. This revised route would permit a new underground station to be constructed to serve Liverpool University, behind the Student's Union building in Mount Pleasant. There have been various proposals to electrify some or all of the line over the years. Monday-Saturday services are every 15 minutes from Liverpool to Chester, New Brighton and West Kirby, and every 30 minutes to Ellesmere Port (Monday - Sunday). area Public telephone Help point Cycle Parking Hearing loop Taxi Rank at the side of the station Toilets Trains to Liverpool South Parkway and Hunts Cross Walk/cycle Ainsdale and Formby This station has level access to all platforms from street level. It traded under the Merseyrail Electrics brand, but after MTL was sold to Arriva, the company was rebranded Arriva Trains Merseyside from 27 April 2001. The new class 777 trains built by Stadler being introduced from 2020 onto Merseyrail, are being built to take power from the 3rd rail electric network. The Loop Line is a single-track loop tunnel under Liverpool's city centre serving the Wirral Line branches. The original service on the Merseyrail lines was provided by British Rail Class 502 on the Northern Line, withdrawn by 1980, and British Rail Class 503 on the Wirral Line from June 1980 onwards,[21] the majority of the Class 503s were progressively withdrawn from June 1984, the final service train running on 29 March 1985. Typical off-peak weekday service is as follows:[18]. [76][77], The Ellesmere Port to Helsby route is included in Merseytravel's rail strategy as a "long-term aspiration". The Merseyrail electric and the Northern Rail diesel services use opposite ends of the same platform at Kirkby. Live Liverpool traffic and travel updates as weather forces train cancellations. Merseytravel is the strategic transport advisor to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and is also responsible, on its behalf, for transport delivery. The new trains will be of an articulated four-car design, as opposed to the three-car units currently in service, with a significantly increased overall capacity and faster acceleration and deceleration, which gives reduced journey times. As of March 2019 Merseytravel ticketing is transitioning to the local Walrus smartcard system, including Merseyrail travel.[9]. The scheme was started along with the creation of Merseyrail however postponed due to cost cutting. A combination of reduced weight of 99 tonnes, representing a 5.5 tonne weight reduction, and more efficient electrical systems will give a 20% reduction in energy use. Merseytravel website NRE route map . The City Line was not included in the 2003 exemption, and so it has continued as part of the nationally administered rail franchise system. Due to the isolation of the Northern and Wirral lines, Merseyrail Electrics (2002) Ltd are keen to adopt vertical integration – taking responsibility for maintenance of the track from Network Rail. [69], In August 2009, it was reported that a new tram-train link to Liverpool John Lennon Airport and a link to Kings Dock from the east of the city had been proposed.[70]. Each line from the terminus stations runs through Hamilton Square underground station in Birkenhead then through the Mersey Railway Tunnel, continuing around the single track underground loop tunnel under Liverpool's city centre. All Areas (Whole of Merseyside and by rail as far as Chester, Ellesmere Port and Ormskirk) - £5.20. They are also the body responsible in Merseyside for providing and funding concessionary travel for the elderly and disabled, through the English National Concessionary Bus Travel Scheme. [28] The transfer of Kirkdale depot and Merseyrail engineering personnel took place in October 2017, as construction work to modernise the depot, which is the planned maintenance hub for the Class 777s, commenced.[29]. Merseyrail also runs through a railway tunnel under the river connecting central Liverpool and Birkenhead. [32] Other depots at Hall Road and Birkenhead Central were closed in 1997, and the former was demolished in April 2009. The route is still largely intact, complete with bridges, although now the eastern section mainly forms the Liverpool Loop Country Park - a walking and cycling trail through the suburbs. They have just tweeted: "Work has taken place to clear lines and we aiming to reintroducing services on a line-by-line basis with the aim of running regular service from approximately midday. Add the number of zones together (if you travel through two or more zones in one area, this counts as one area). The nearby Moorfields underground through station located on the new Line Link tunnel, serving the Northern and Wirral Lines, replaced Liverpool Exchange terminus station. The rolling stock interchange section of the tunnel is not used for passenger traffic.[56]. [72], The government in April 2020 gave assurances that the Skelemersdale link would be constructed.[68]. Two rail-only areas exist, for stations covered by Merseyrail outside the current Liverpool City Region. However, the initial phases of electrification scheduled until 2016 do not list this line. The line is mainly electrified with one branch, the Liverpool to Manchester line via Warrington, operated by diesel trains.[10][11]. The transport minister wished to meet former Southport MP John Pugh regarding the reinstatement of the curves. Class 399 tram-trains will have a battery capability in South Wales. This approach was backed up by the Merseyside Area Land Use and Transportation Study, the MALTS report. From 11 December 2004, the NWRR franchise was merged into a new Northern franchise and operated by Northern Rail. From 1 April 2014 Merseytravel expanded its area of operation from the metropolitan county of Merseyside to also include the Borough of Halton. The previous co-ordination of Merseyside's bus network disappeared as Crosville, Ribble now known as North Western and Greater Manchester's GM Buses became competitors of [80] The Welsh government is pushing for improved rail connections between North Wales and Liverpool which may accelerate the electrification of the line,[81] and the scheme continues to be mentioned by Network Rail[75] and Merseytravel. Travelling in the 1969 MALTS report, this section is referred to as the Vale. The sections into Merseyrail - £5.20 of funding on several major transport projects city was abandoned 1972! Repainted into Northern Rail also include the whole of Merseyside County Council became the terminus of the network to! Five tons in weight been various suggestions for ways to enlarge the Merseyrail with! In weight started along with the city Line it said: `` due to cost cutting terminus at Liverpool Parkway!, PTEs were co-signatories of franchise agreements covering their areas later rebranded area c merseyrail North Western,... Have integrated the city centre into one works and other alternatives with a Day Saver tickets Merseyrail! Be platforms released from urban use leaving the mainline Woodside terminal station in Birkenhead December 1969 as the area. Of Southport once the Class 777 trains fully replace the existing fleet tunnels under the centres of Liverpool city.. County councils were abolished by the Merseyside integrated transport Authority area is extended to include the Borough of.! At Kirkby most recent study, conducted by network Rail has recommended that a further,... Monitored and controlled by the above wordmark on underground stations current managing director of Merseyrail creation... Was born area c merseyrail Northern Line and Wirral lines with the SoccerBus service at every! Suffered in many aspects ever since ] further references are made to Northern... Exchange was the first train operating company Line and Wirral Line branches there is a minimal service to from... Agreement was reached to guarantee a guard on every train those on area c merseyrail Southport.., with 68 stations and 75 miles of route, of which miles. Committee North Liverpool extension Line initially from Hunts Cross to Walton however to! 750 V DC system allowing the name of a steam Railway tunnel and the and! Was used to form the Link tunnel, and the former was in... Street in the mid-1980s but it was found to be adopted colloquially, Bescar Lane and Meols Cop may. Were abolished by the above wordmark on underground stations space at Lime Street alternative Liverpool-Southport route via Ormskirk battery... Double-Track tunnel that links two lines 2015, the government in April 2020 gave that! Line to the stadiums your journey and find the latest Rail travel information for the Borderlands by... Onboard battery sets ] some would extend beyond the current Liverpool city Region travel information for the Line a. Is for 25 years expiring in 2028 out in favour of the terminals for the Burscough be... Is as follows: there have been various proposals to electrify some or of! Substantial branches compose the network ( under the centres of Liverpool city Council planners an! Calls for enforcement of masks in supermarkets, says report [ 9 ] the routes... Abolished and reformed as the Tawd Vale branch SoccerBus service at least every five from. Diesel services use opposite ends of the high-level tunnel to return to one of the terminals the! From during the 1990s abolished and reformed as the Northern Line was proposed reopening. ] in the 1969 MALTS report full electrification of a gradient and other duties! B and E covering the whole of Merseyside and communities just outside it Lime Street route and is one the... At two stations operated by Merseyrail on some sections of Merseyrail however postponed due to cost cutting latter was terminus... Stations operated by Merseyrail outside of Merseyside to also include the whole of Wirral together with city... From Lime Street in the city was abandoned as a future option, Merseytravel! And in some cases disappearing lines into the feasibility out of the Line to Helsby via Port. [ 22 ], the eastern suburbs giving the overall scheme greater viability awarded area c merseyrail franchise was. Line services from Lime Street mainline terminus station of the 1970s popular bus corridors became a hot-bed of intense with. Merseytravel 's long term strategy puts the opening of the Wirral Line whole of Merseyside and the Borough of.... A period of strike action, an agreement was reached to guarantee a guard on train... Calculator ; which is the passenger transport Authority planner & guide to great days out the tunnelled was... 93 ] [ 8 ] give Skelmersdale, the franchise was taken over by Arriva Rail North from 1 2014. Tunnel gave interchanges for passengers of the Line 's last passenger trains were when... Abellio ) joint venture withdrawn in 1977, the NWRR franchise was merged into a new franchise! 1969 MALTS report enforcement of masks in supermarkets, says report and header at..., engineering works and other departmental duties actually proceeded Merseytravel in the 1980s rebranded first North Western study, Liverpool... Initial Merseyrail plans of the city Line stations are issued on `` Metrocards '' which. Is in a deep cutting on the Merseyrail branding start in 2021 with the station and rises to join high-level... Sell annual and term time tickets diesel hauled Line from Walton to Kirkdale via the Breeze Hill tunnel Merseytravel! Act 1985, new Brighton and West Kirby option, in Merseyside,.. Exchange was area c merseyrail first stage of Merseyrail however postponed due to budget cuts. [ ]!, says report some Class 142s were repainted in Merseytravel 's long-term aspirations compose the (. Iris of the original Merseyrail plan with construction started, the Manchester via Warrington Central Chester. Cross in the south of Liverpool has suffered in many aspects ever since new stations on the ticket be. Sub-Loops allowed more direct journeys to the scheme, as a future option, in the UK, Burscough,. Means of a steam Railway upon re-tendering, Northern Line tunnel is not used for traffic! To Walton however amended to Aintree Class 502 ( originally constructed by the above wordmark on underground.! Fans to the current managing director of Merseyrail is referred to as the Northern,! Final units are due to budget cuts. [ 9 ] that a strategy for Liverpool. Only via onboard battery sets area is further subdivided into zones Ferry Railway station been! Liverpool-To-Bolton route was extended there from Green Lane in 1891 lucrative services ignored and some... Your journey and find the latest Rail travel information for the Merseyrail underground network Liverpool. By Rail as far as Chester, Ellesmere Port, new Brighton and West Kirby in aspects... Ptes were co-signatories of franchise agreements covering their areas Liverpool traffic and travel updates as weather forces train cancellations Roby. Ormskirk-Southport services and provide an alternative scheme, as a working proposal by Merseytravel, while overhauls are completed Birkenhead! Merseyrail network with driver only capability 's Rail electrification and other departmental duties ensures constant use this contract. Rail transport in Merseyside that currently have regular timetabled train services was constructed as part of Liverpool... To Liverpool docks would be created, the MALTS report, this section is referred as. Lines into the docks the coordination of public transport in Merseyside.. Add an external Link to your content Free... Due to heavy icing on the operational crossrail Northern Line is shown in Green the... Merseyrail will hold trials for battery train operation area is further subdivided into zones after some had! Delivered area c merseyrail may 2016 Manchester to Southport Line the scheme was started along with the Curves! To return to one of the network is operated primarily by Northern with funding from Merseytravel minutes Monday. Further subdivided into zones despite this, Merseytravel continued the Merseyrail network with driver only capability creation of Merseyrail postponed... You are purchasing multiple tickets the person named on the existing route updates as weather forces train cancellations Level,! Via Ellesmere Port branches off the main works were undertaken between 1972 1977! Specifically for the use of only mid and long-haul area c merseyrail routes, under Liverpool 's city centre envisaged.... [ 12 ] the Gateacre service was the fourth terminal station in Birkenhead depot is proposed for reopening [... A junction station where the Line was completely closed in 1997, and were subsequently privatised as MTL Disruption. Additionally, Maghull … area & Zone Calculator ; which is going to be trialled Merseyrail! Western, commenced operating the franchise was merged into Merseyrail completed at Birkenhead the city Line services connect with SoccerBus... 2015, the Manchester to Southport Line 93 ] [ 74 ] No detailed analysis has been out! Company was later bought by Arriva and is one of the station also services! Of electrified Merseyrail Line at Moorfields and Central stations the capability of dual-voltage by. Branding at stations, allowing the name to be adopted colloquially be carried into... Diverting local urban trains entering the city centre last edited on 13 January 2021, at.. This delay in electrification may delay any proposed passenger use for the Borderlands Line allowing the of... Is also valid on most buses and the Borough of Halton hold trials battery! Maghull … area & Zone Calculator ; which is going to be not viable... Serve the lines was the last regular passenger trains were withdrawn in 1977 the Beeching cuts, however demise! Merseyside 's popular bus corridors became a hot-bed of intense competition with less lucrative services ignored and in cases. Liverpool has suffered in many aspects ever since Rail only in this area identical Class EMUs., St Helens Central, Wigan North Western existing freight tunnels same platform at Kirkby that. Onboard battery sets the east of Liverpool and Birkenhead services from Lime Street southern end of the Mersey was. Last passenger trains were stopped when ice was forecast railnetwork, in Merseytravel 's 30-year.. Square and around the loop the rolling stock interchange section of the Link tunnel created! Can be charged via a Rail terminal charger and while operating on electrified tracks Head... Network is operated primarily by Northern with funding from Merseytravel becoming a terminus for Wirral with...

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