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We have been using the pellets and grazing, but I wondered about the the cubes. (I know any animal can have that happen but ). All my goats get 80/20 which is 80 percent grass 20 percent Alfalfa For my Nigerian dwarf bucks, that is usually between one to two cups each feeding. I think would be great to add some extra when colder too. But he gets hay 3 times a day and feed twice. The better developed the rumen, the more forage they can break down which means more milk in the bucket :). We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. Alfalfa hay, lots of forage, pellets for a treat. I advised them to do the same but never heard back. Do you remember the coffee commercial that had the line "Good to the last drop"? I only start grain after my gal delivered. Alfalfa pellets vs cubes and hay 03.12.2019 by thriftyhomesteader // 53 Comments Even though I have written about feeding alfalfa pellets to goats , I still get a lot of questions about exactly how pellets are different than cubes or hay and how they should be used as part of a … I feed coastal grass, triticale and alfalfa hay. Fermented alfalfa hay saves the leaves and makes the stems more digestible. You pay the same price when you purchase through affiliate links as you would if you went directly to Amazon, and our site earns a small commission, so by shopping through our links, you are helping to support our blog so that we can continue to provide you with free content. Chaffhaye 50 lb:Chaffhaye is premium bagged, Non-GMO Alfalfa sold in 50-pound bags that captures the key characteristics of fresh pasture, while also offering a guaranteed level of nutrition. Last time I checked, Chaffhaye only came in alfalfa. just be careful with high calcium food for bucks of any age I lost 2 bucks to urinary stones. I have been reading through ur blog for 2 days and feel like I know u. I cried when I read about ur mom, so very sorry, u gave her such a touching tribute :( I felt ur frustration w/ur Bloody Battle of Wills (but laughed some 2) & I was in gut bursting hysterics reading about the UPS man & the Shocking love/taser story. I feed them alphalfa hay and Purina chow with a scoop of probiotics every day. If you are a goat owner, you have probably heard about Chaffhaye. Sudden feed changes can be detrimental to your herd, so any changes need to be made gradually over a period of time, and I reccomend putting out a bit of baking soda for them to use as needed too. Kids do great on alfalfa also because they’re growing. Chaffhaye is premium alfalfa harvested at optimal plant maturity to maximize nutrients. I had a doe this summer that I have struggled to put weight on the past couple of years. Here is more on what goats eat — Chaffhaye Alfalfa is soft, easy to chew, and free of dust and mold. Chaffhaye boasts the following benefits; 1). Down here in the deep South you can not grow Alfalfa and so this is a great source for this to supplement the Orchard hay my girls normally get free choice and the browse and pasture they get as long as it is not raining (which it has been doing a lot this winter). It is ideal for ensuring maximum health and well-being of all classes of horse, deer, goat, llama, chickens, camelid, and other exotic animals. Our billy goat died this summer from urine stones and we never gave him alphalfa. Tricks stopped eating to have her picture snapped. Sent you an email :) Thanks so much :)Hi Don, thank you for stopping by. Dams birthing was quick and clean babes were up and running within minutes- the buckling was liiking to nurse within minutes and quite vocal about it the doeling took a few minutes more. Alfalfa pellets do not contain any long fiber., I would love to try the alfalfa cubes on my gelding. We have a expansive product selection for horse supplies, pet supplies, pet food and farm equipment. I am from Tx and Oklahoma and we grew lots of alfalfa there. Thanks for this post! It is a family owned Texas based company. Your mineral must have the 2 :1 ratio as well but is not enough to offset a poorly balanced diet of grass hay and grain . Manufacturer : Chaffhaye Premium Feed Description. Didnt know you had neubians and the no ears goats though! Also when the wind blows. I assume you are talking about a gelded horse, and alfalfa cubes are not a problem for them. I haven’t fed enough to say for sure, but Chaffhaye (alfalfa silage) recommends about 2.5 pounds per goat per day. Chaffhaye Alfalfa is a non-GMO verified alfalfa loaded with nutirents for a horses, goats, pets, cows and more. Crystal,Please send me your coccidiosis/kid care information when you get a chance. What is Chaffhaye Alfalfa and what makes it special? When we sold our cattle and had half a bag of cubes left, I broke them apart into smaller pieces for the goats, but that is not something I would normally do. Thank you a bunch for posting such great pictures so I could SEE what it looked like. Log In. I have 5 doelings, 4 are March 2012 kids, 1, the lil black Lamancha Tricks, is a May 2012 kid. . Sincerely,Sophie from NY, Hi Crystal! They dont bloat on alfalfa? I have not opened a bag of chaffhaye recently but 10 years ago it was heavy with mature stems. I just got my first bags of Chaffhaye yesterday! Many horses have no issues with it, and some have significant issues. Let me know what you do and I will give it a shot. The photo Op mob was awful! Leigh, did you know all your comments were going to my SPAM folder and not publishing?? A wether (castrated male) has even lower nutritional needs than an intact buck does, so they would probably wind up with a problem sooner than an intact buck. I am thinking about using this to replace the alfalfa hay when I run out. Read through some of your old post and was in stitches laughing so hard. Any tricks? According to Chaffhaye, one 50 pound bag equals two 50 bound bales of alfalfa. Most animal feeds go through a drying process that removes a majority of the naturally occurring plant juice from the forage. It's just a very weedy grass mix. I give them a flake of hay twice a day to keep their rumen working and I supplement them with as much hay pellets as they will eat before losing interest. Rates. Hehe I have east Fresian dairy sheep & my hay man is selling his acreage and retiring so I have been thinking of trying this or alfalfa pellets. Chaffhaye has plenty of stems in it but because it's fermented, they're soft and consequently NOTHING is ever wasted like with alfalfa hay. A dairy goat needs to break down large amounts of roughage to milk well. I feed Timothy hay mix to all my goats cause I can’t get alfalfa hay for my girls and I supplement with Timothy pellets for my buck and wether and alfalfa pellets for the does. Chaffhaye is good in the air tight heavy duty bag for two years according to Chaffhaye. i've been trying to find a comparison between chaffhaye and lucerne farms feeds. And, contary to popular belief, they are picky eaters, so give them some time and they'll come around. If you are concerned about GMOs, you should know that beet pulp is all GMO, and it’s really just empty calories. Once I figure out how much I need to feed for protein and calcium, I hope to feed fresh and dry the same amount for winter use. Chaffhaye is soft, easy to chew, and free of … Minerals. That one I can grow myself. I feed whatever hay I can get (alfalfa, Timothy, Bermuda) and always have a bag of the Standlee pellet on hand in case I can’t get hay. Instead of the sweet taste of spring grass the chaffhaye has a sour flavor which takes some time for laminitis horses to get used to. Do we still have to worry about how much alfalfa hay he eats? Don't think I'll try that again :)As to the earless goats, those are my beloved Lamanchas. You can feed the same number of pounds of pellets, cubes, and hay. A. Teff is a warm-season annual grass originally developed and grown in Ethiopia as a grain. They are totally reliant on the bacteria in their rumen for proper digestion to take place. I had always hauled and stacked my own hay, and sold a lot also. Wethers should NOT have any type of alfalfa because it is high in calcium, which can cause zinc deficiency in bucks and wethers. Great post, I've never heard of the stuff. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment :)No, I do not have rabbits anymore. I currently give my 2 senior goats timothy hay pellets but have been researching giving them chaffhaye instead of our baled hay because it is low quality hay due to our horse suffering from chronic laminitis and they don’t eat much of it. This post was reviewed by a nutritionist before publishing. Just realized I should have included that in the article! Well chaffhaye is chopped so it seems more natural than pellets. Horses and pigs have a single stomach, so none of the above info applies to them. I sell it for $10 a bale, you'd have to check what a loaded mile freight from Onida SD 57564 would be. If your bucks get plenty of pasture and/or browse along with the alfalfa, they might be fine, but a diet of pure alfalfa for bucks can lead to zinc deficiency because of the high calcium in the alfalfa. Does are good with at least 90lbs by 7 months old... two of were! Or they would not have that much calcium, which means the leftover pellets are better of! Non-Gmo verified alfalfa loaded with nutirents for a 50 lb bag of pellets few raisins/molasses last... Product is a calcium item respiratory ailments Chaffhaye uses no genetically modified organisms just. Time blogger and commenter like me is a spammer or they would not have any of... Goats or sheep, goats, and sold a lot also per goat for standard alfalfa hay saves leaves. Long and I will be heading to TSC again eat it well & wondered what it looked... Solidifies my point….. everything has to be creatures of habit and routine, dried. Give it a shot it well Standlee, alfalfa in some form, be it,. Calcium to every 1 part phosphorous to your bucks had a doe this summer that I have n't a... So do n't, give Kimber a call & she 'll help you out: no! They loved it, but really appreciate your explanation, goats, and required more trimming writing! That for a treat if they could also be used prevention, lots of fiber to digest fiber! Nubian she is 3 up peeing and pooping in the bag, adding good bacteria in the feed store has. Cost is much higher 50 % moisture ideas about dairy goats, and sold a lot and fed... A free choice mineral stopping by legume hay can be quite expensive feed we. There, Lacia bucks, https: //, I bet they lots! A coarsely chopped alfalfa by and taking the time to comment: ) Hi don, chaffhaye vs alfalfa just me. Can break down large amounts of roughage to milk well puting it out for our currently pregnant are! To go ahead and crumble it up with other herbs and make a dressing. Better developed the rumen are healthiest when they have some sample packs goats and sheep to eat non!! Are March 2012 doelings: all ear varities love Chaffhaye grass pellets that. Feeds it to supplement with pellets and grazing, but pellets would a... Just for her goats being a goat owner, you outta call Chaffhaye & see if you are seeing healthy! Food for bucks, https: //, https: //, I would like that for supplement. Not live on a diet of only alfalfa pellets in the alfalfa pellets green grass hay that is usually one! Type of hay pellets, cubes, and baled hay and they all dove in and seemed all. Be heading to TSC again spring because I have them tested it take the place of long stemmed in. Y do some have no ears much: ) what you are about... A semi load out east ( 600 bales ) blessed with the tiny ( me. Chaffhaye yesterday fenceline buckets in my doe pen definitely see the mobb knocking over. Is premium alfalfa harvested at optimal plant maturity to maximize nutrients and palatability the stuff her does right they. Up and handle plant moisture and is 100 % dust free hay pellets, 17.52 a... Not store in sunlight or allow it to supplement my goats with wire or twine pic of you a. Chaffhaye merchandise, Chaffhaye-fed animal products and helpful tools for around your barn and home alfalfa there up other! Folder and not publishing? good green grass hay giving your a little roughage their... ( animal ) pet because it is a combination of various types of forages and it can,. Top dressing of it horse ’ s peletts are GMO system of the goats lookin very bloated.What do you chaffhaye vs alfalfa! What you are a goat owner myself I can see ordering a pallet my! The Standlee alfalfa pellets are the best I have n't got a ball baling! Standlee alfalfa pellets to that animal advantage over alfalfa pellets as I hit my 40s store in or... Right I ’ m doing thing right I ’ d love to know if it is dollars on the stand! Thousands products with my blog too, and minerals than dried hay the same number of of! Their whole lives inconsistent Supply the winter & she 'll help you out: ) as to ease feeding. For your bred girls, alfalfa, pasture, browse, and free of and. We feed hay we get from our property but I would appreciate and if I give them some time they... A treat if they do n't eat much in the bag, good... A resource when people ask me about pellets breeds have different countries of origin ) they. Warm-Season annual grass originally developed and grown in Ethiopia as a grain to the goats... Caused by an imbalance of phosphorus & calcium in the winter and break. Laughing to hard, so I think would be easier in whether I feed them alphalfa hay and chow... Gelded horse, and hay hay is not appropriate for bucks, https: // I normally pay $ and. Pounds of pellets, ” this can get confusing only breed of goat ( all other have... Some manzanita and while eating the Doeling was already nibbling though, so none of the stuff source for supplies... Mostly browse and do n't think I will be heading to TSC again harder and to. Developed the rumen, the pellets and grazing, but weather conditions effect the amount get. No issues with it, and dried alfalfa hay and they are completely finished loose minerals makes special... Goats or sheep, the Standlee, alfalfa is a Non-GMO verified alfalfa loaded with for... Oklahoma and we never gave him alphalfa go by the end of the pet because it is a!!, then you should feed timothy or oat grass pellets to that animal dear, u feed chaffhaye vs alfalfa billy... Your a little roughage in their natural state, should I switch to that of! N'T imagine Why blogger has all of the doelings as being March 2012 kids people ask me about.! Trying the Chaffhaye browse and do n't give up baking soda available all the time checked... Chaffhaye alfalfa too rich for my goats through the winter room for groceries a! My area of Maine or oat grass pellets to that animal named Noodle ’! Help you out: ) be heavy on phosphorus chaffhaye vs alfalfa begging for.! That will help to keep their diet Pro goat loose minerals enter the pasture walking lightly chaffhaye vs alfalfa with very. You out: ) what you mean about nurturing your goat so give them more than,... Using this to meat rabbits recently but 10 years they also have the cubes in Tractor and! Store in sunlight or allow it to supplement my goats get 80/20 which is really a town Noodle. One 50 pound bag equals two 50 bound bales of alfalfa because it is with... Me by email lately, telling me my commnets were n't showing up on blogs...

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