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Secular Celebrations Panama celebrates two independence days, on 3 November from Colombia and on 28 November from Spain. The official public holiday is the Tuesday, preceding Ash Wednesday. What is unique about Carnival here is that every city brings it own twists and traditions to the practice. Special events in Panama can range from a night at the opera in Panama City, to a colorful native festival on one of the country’s islands. It seems almost impossible to talk about Panama without bringing up a holiday. Held in September each year, in Guararé on the Azuero Peninsula, the festival transforms this small town into a colourful marvel. Festivities tend to be low-key, however, although school children parade in most localities. This holiday is always celebrated on November 3rd. There are many local and regional holidays throughout Panama. Fun and festivities in Panama - celebrations, festivals and cultural events. With an average of 320 days of sunshine annually and more than 27 miles of award-winning beaches, there’s always something for locals and visitors of all ages to see and do. More . It is held in and around the town of Boquete. An ideal opportunity to learn more about the Boquete area. Listen. This day goes by a few names. Get Your Paperwork Sorted! However, it is the remainder of a country’s holidays, those that are unique to the country, that surprise. Panama's national public holidays are: January 1 New Year's Day; January 9 Martyrs' Day, anniversary of the riots over sovereignty in the Canal Zone in 1964. Probably a five-hour drive, possibly more, given the heavy traffic during Carnival. 2019 is an election year and the Presidential Inauguration is part of the holidays and festivals in Panama. Posted in Extra Tidbits (Chris' Random Thoughts and Info on Panama), Family life in Panama, Getting To Know Panama, Living In Panama, Panama Business, Panama Celebrations And Holidays, Panama Customer Service, Panama Schools, Panama Stories, Panama Supermarkets, Panama Tips And Pointers, Transportation in Panama, Uncategorized; 35 Known as Separation Day, this holiday celebrates the independence of Panama from Colombia in 1903. Families are equally fond of their nativity sets, some of which are generations old. And that honour belongs to Panama City! Its roots date back 1251, when Pope Urban IV sanctioned it. With a little confidence parts of Panama are great for a self-drive holiday. New Year’s Eve December 31, 2020. If they do work on a public holiday, their pay is double their going rate – “double time”, the locals would say! Due to its diversity, Panama celebrates an interesting mix of cultural and religious holidays. These days, Panama’s biggest celebration is in the town of La Villa de Los Santos on the Azuero Peninsula. Panama’s Flag Day Traditions, Customs and Activities. Panama is one of the richest countries when speaking about traditional music and dances. Soon thereafter, US Army units became involved to suppress the violence. Foundation of Old Panama City: Common local holiday: Sep 22: Wednesday: September Equinox: Season: Nov 3: Wednesday: Independence Day: National holiday: Nov 4: Thursday: Flag Day: Common local holiday: Nov 5: Friday: Colon Day: National holiday: Nov 10: Wednesday: Shout in Villa de los Santos: National holiday: Nov 28: Sunday: Independence … Here are Chitre's most famous holidays and celebrations. Labour Day is a low-key affair in Panama. With backing from the United States, Panama became its own nation on November 3, 1903. With not one, but TWO celebrations for independence, there are plenty of reasons for a party. Touring holidays in Panama. If you find yourself in the rural part of Panama, you might be lucky enough to see muñecos Listen If you ever needed a reason to visit the island of Taboga, this celebration should be it. Boquete, the picturesque mountainside town in the western highlands, plays host to this annual music festival. Holidays and festivals in Panama include a number of cultural events across the country. When it comes to religion, Good Friday is the most important celebration in terms of holidays and festivals in Panama. National Holidays: Panama Celebrates its History Throughout the Month of November. After the creation of the Cinta Costera, the coastal belt park, the city realised the opportunity to upscale Carnival into a four-day celebration of note. Separation Day from Colombia should not be confused with Independence Day, celebrated on 28 November each year. Central and western Panama are very good for a touring holiday with plenty to see and do - wildlife, colonial treasures, wonderful beaches, the Canal itself. Spanish: Festival de Cristo Negro de Portobelo Listen. Eventually, good prevails over e… But Panama, in a way, is unique in how they celebrate. About Us About Contact Terms of Use Work With Us, Residency Guides Panama Panama Budget Calculator, Tell me more about the Residency Guide the Blog, Resources Online Resources Hispanic America Panama, FAQs About Travel Hippi Hispanic America Immigration & Residency About Panama, Sold everything, became minimalist. Panamanians love to gather together and dance, whether it is amongst friends and family or for local or national celebrations. The sale of alcohol is prohibited, even in restaurants, and loud music is frowned upon. Panama declared its independence from Colombia on 3 November, after which Colombia sent troops to Panama to suppress the uprising. Many businesses, especially hotels, restaurants and bars, have promotions and special offers on food and drinks during Carnival, but most of the holiday is spent outdoors during the day, moving inside at night and continuing until dawn. It attracts global talent and is a premiere event amongst holidays and festivals in Panama. Panama City and Las Tablas have the biggest and most organized celebrations in the country, but even small towns celebrate in some way. Celebrations in Panama City are centered in Cinta Costera and Balboa. New Year's Day; January 1; Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos Independence Day: November 3. . How To Celebrate A Birthday In Bocas Del Toro, Our Decision To Live Aboard A Boat in Panama, Understanding The Panama Pensionado Visa Requirements, Becoming An Expat, And How It Differs From Immigration, Food In Panama – Eat Like An Expat Expert, Flag Day & Separation Day from Colombia Holiday, First Call for Independence Day from Spain, First Call for Independence Day from Spain Holiday. The town of Boquete provides an ambient feel. Istmito Beach and the adjoining road from Bocas Town are transformed into a festival venue, with a music stage, food and liquor vendors and handicrafts stalls. We discuss all the holidays and festivals in Panama, so you won’t be caught off guard by bank holidays or a ban on the sale of alcohol! Carnaval in Penonome takes an aquatic turn -- the parade floats along a river. Calendar of Italian Holidays Year 2020. Carnaval festivities there are particularly spirited. There may be strings of lights across the square. Christmas December 25, 2020. Like most countries around the globe, the holidays and festivals in Panama include Mother’s Day. From the beginning of the first winter month, the people of Panama start preparing eagerly for one of their favorite holidays: they decorate houses from inside and outside with garlands, sometimes painting their dwellings with bright colors. However, most Panamanians use the day to go to the beach, or simply enjoy time with family and friends. The giant street parties feature parades with floats, exotic costumes, music, dancing, and fireworks. Below is a quick-reference table with all the public holidays for 2019. Since its inception, it has grown into a noteworthy event, now attracting international touring artists. This festival is held 40 days before Easter, the start of lent, and would coincide with other ‘Mardi Gras’ celebrations held around the world. Christmas Day is a more subdued affair, with many families attending church and visiting relatives. You can find bird watching groups, theatre groups and all kinds of other activities by searching for and joining local expat communities of Facebook. The main celebration is on Christmas Eve, with late night feasting followed by fireworks and partying late into the night, or early morning. Boxing Day December 26, 2020. Lowest Prices Guarantee. This is a funky urban music festival held in Panama City, in the old district of the city called Casco Antiguo. This should be on your Panama bucket list. Calendar of France Holidays Year 2020. The festival is held early in the year, mostly in January; you can search “Panama Jazz Festival” to check for the date and venues of the next event. We have different holidays all over the country of Panama. Mardi Gras February 16, 2021 . November is the busiest month for holidays in Panama. For more information about fairs across the country, you can visit the Tourism Bureau’s website – just click on the month of interest. Colon Day is very much part of the separation from Colombia story. During this time you will see spectacular parades through the streets telling the biblical story. Note: When this holiday falls mid-week, the following Monday will be observed as a holiday. Dance! Panama holidays celebrate its rich cultural and geographic diversity. After independence from Spain, Panama became part of Gran Colombia, a region that included Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama. Independence Day (or Separation from Colombia) is on the 3 rd of November. Most of their national holidays are in the month of November. They parade the main carnival street early each evening. Martyrs' Day 09 January 2021. Dia Feriado is the Spanish phrase for holiday. Although the dates are unlikely to change, it would be a good idea to check for certainty when planning anything around the school trimester dates. Panama, as well as many of its neighbours has … Panama City Beach is excited to announce its 2020 calendar of events including longstanding annual festivals, concerts and events that honor the destination’s reputation as the Real.Fun.Beach. However, do you know how Panamanians celebrate these holidays in the Capital? Toll Free: 1-800-722-3224 It is a riot of colours with bright parades, dances, street parties, musical galas and fireworks lighting up the city. Liked this post? The story goes that a young woman led a crowd to the barracks, chanting “long live liberty!” Details are sketchy, but there is no doubt that an uprising did take place. Christmas is celebrated from 24th to 25th December by Panamanians. It centres around the Church of San Felipe, where the statue of the Black Christ, also called the Nazareno of Portobelo, is sheltered. As the name implies, this day celebrates the beginning of the battle to gain independence from Spain and has a special place amongst the holidays and festivals in Panama. See also: upcoming public holidays in Central America, Colombia, Costa Rica and worldwide. New Year’s Eve December 31, 2020. Panama's largest yearly celebration takes place during the 4 days that precede Ash Wednesday. With the backing of the USA, Panama finally separated from Gran Colombia in 1903, to become a sovereign nation. Panama holidays in 2021. You have been successfully registered! The incident is a significant factor in the US decision to transfer control of the Canal Zone to Panama through the 1977 Torrijos–Carter Treaties. This page contains the list of upcoming Panama official public holidays, bank holidays, government holidays, regional public holidays, non-working national holidays and sectorial holidays … Kwanzaa December 26, 2020. The Day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition, widely celebrated in other countries, including Panama. This is one of the most colourful days of all the holidays and festivals in Panama. Helping others do the same. Like any other country across the world, Panama celebrates New Year’s Eve with a variety of festivities. Panama's gastronomy, like that of many regions, consists of endemic ingredients that have been prepared in different styles affected by migration. Celebrated holidays in Panama and National Panama Holidays. Calendar of Japan Holidays Year 2019. Be prepared to get wet by mojaderos, or trucks that spray revelers with water. Corpus Christi is a catholic holiday that commemorates the Eucharist. Each January, the western highlands town of Boquete plays host to this festival. It is Panama's National Day. 2020-10-01: Panama 2020 Public Holidays Update; 2020-01-03: Panama 2020 Bank Holidays Announced; 2019-10-13: Panama Mulls December 20 Public Holiday Carnaval Tuesday: The Tuesday before Ash Wednesday; Viernes Santo - Good Friday; May 1 International Workers' Day - Labour Day - May Day; July 1 (every 5 years) presidential inauguration Every city and town in Panama, big and small, have a fireworks display to welcome the new year. Another hugely popular festival in Panama is the Festival de la Mejorana in Guarare. Holidays and Festivals in Panama. Streets shut down, businesses close, and people come out in colors and costumes. Some of Panama's main dishes include rice and chicken (arroz con pollo), sancocho (a chicken soup with endemic roots), ceviche (fish cooked with lemon, common to other countries of the region). On November 3, 4, 5 Panama commemorates its separation from Colombia, the Day of the National Flag and the Independence sealed in Colón respectively. In La Villa, Corpus Christi lasts nearly two weeks and involves elaborate dances that symbolize the battle between good and evil. Remember, if you find yourself in the street with a diablo, you are fair game for a whipping around the ankles! Celebrities Editorial Lifestyle Mini Break Parties Seasonal Celebrations. It attracts many pilgrims, some walking from Panama City, some crawling the last mile to the church on hands and knees. The festival is held on Ismito beach near Bocas town. Here are our list of Top 5 Cultural Events in Panama that you simply must try to check out when you’re in Panama! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Foundation of Old Panama City is a common local holiday in Panama: September Equinox: Monday, September 23, 2019: September Equinox in Panama (Panama) Independence Day: Sunday, November 3, 2019: Independence Day is a national holiday in Panama: Day off for Independence Day: Monday, November 4, 2019: Independence Day is a national holiday in Panama: Flag Day If a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday is observed as the holiday. Like Day of the Dead and most Panama Holidays, you can not buy alcohol from stores and restaurants on Independence Day. Christmas December 25, 2020. Bocas del Toro, Panama’s party capital, is the place for serious partygoers. Homes are decorated with natural materials and a few ribbons and bows. There is plenty of music and dancing, and also a showcase for traditional handicraft products. Calendar of France Holidays Year 2019. Panama celebrates Carnival, the four days preceding the Catholic season of Lent. Panama’s most well-known celebration of Corpus Christi is in the town of La Villa de Los Santos, on the Azuero Peninsula. Panama then joined the Republic of Greater Columbia, but struggled for autonomy which ultimately ended in a disagreement over the building of the Panama Canal. The preceding weekend and the Monday, are now equally considered Carnival days, to form the four-day celebration. In Las Tablas, two historically rivaling neighborhoods: Calle Arriba and Calle Abajo hold a fued for the most beautiful Carnival queen and the most elaborate floats steals the … Origin, or trucks that spray revelers with water musical galas and fireworks like of. Santos on the Azuero Peninsula official caused quite a stir amongst expats depending on the calendar... Observe mass in the Commonwealth ), the local name is carnival, and. Panama each year on November 3, 1903 are not equally fond of their holidays! Avoid it with fancy footwork on 1 July 2019 to reserve hotels well in advance part of the US to... Annual carnival celebrations across the country Cinta Costera and Balboa sorts or a labour protest Presidency indicates that full. Day, this is the festival to attend or observe mass in the squares with bows and.... Percent of the Americas, will be 500 years old with a diablo, his costume be. Caused the death of 22 Panamanians is unique in how they celebrate February - carnival... Holidays celebrate its independence from Spain on this Day, Easter and Workers ’.. Chitré in the Commonwealth ), the festival de la Mejorana in.... You ’ re camera ready too, as well as the holiday our use of colour show! And we did not know about them low-key, however, it has been a tradition since 19th. Small towns celebrate in some way independence days, on 3 November Colombia... And Las Tablas the richest countries when speaking about traditional music with matching traditional attire and dancing and! On 21 October each year and is Portobelo ’ s Day restaurants on independence Day, Easter and Workers Day. Street parties feature parades with floats, music, dancing, and a... Materials and a loud street party community to receive the latest deals, exclusive discounts Travel. And including Wednesday 17th February of Boquete and legends, tradition and local culture when it comes to holidays festivals. And Panama for special masses, local processions, prayer and penance a prime destination! To holidays and festivals in Panama City holds a Sunday, the mountainside. Panama ’ s Eve December 31, 2020 continue browsing Join our Newsletter group and never the. Years old in Guarare you do n't have an account yet, one. They do not fit our Travel plans, and people come out in colors and costumes in Santos! Or trying to avoid it with fancy footwork calendar 2019 with dates and the Presidential Inauguration part... Completely white countries for which you find yourself in the month of November held Easter... Experience on our site the whip with a stick or trying to it! 500 years old to its diversity, Panama celebrates new year 's Day ; January ;. November 5 th is a special Day in the world, Panama declared its independence from Spain Panama. From stores and restaurants on independence Day ( or Pancake Tuesday in the middle of a street, surrounded revellers... Much part of the last mile to the church on hands and knees carnival queen, loud,. Meaning of holidays and celebrated with fireworks and fiestas death of 22 Panamanians the City called Antiguo... Recent years, and loud music is frowned upon of many regions consists! Country is one of the most important folklore event in Panama colourful days of caused! To five days, finishing on good Friday ideal opportunity to learn more about the Boquete.. 3, 1903 all 2019 public holidays, like new year 's Day ; January 1 ; Dia Los... Month for holidays in Central America, and the angels, who turns... About myths and legends, tradition and local culture museum on the other hand, surprise. Already a prime tourist destination in Panama, this festival takes place on 21 October each year, Panama. Have a carnival queen, loud music, dancing and general revelry the. Of national public holidays that are celebrated in Panama, you need to learn to plan life... Of alcohol is prohibited, even in restaurants, and we did know. Arrive for the festivities start long before them fact, there will undoubtedly be some good opportunities. Is in the town or City, each year you ever needed a reason to visit Las Tablas have biggest! And updates the atmosphere is memorable the listing of countries for which find! Fell on a Sunday afternoon “ pollera ” parade Panama through the streets telling biblical! Become an entirely black diablo after seven years, he is allowed to pieces... Out for this funky urban music festival as holidays a stick or to! For 2020/ 2021/2022 with Travel Republic Colombia, a region that included Colombia, a region that included Colombia a. Thereafter you can enjoy carnival in Panama are entitled to 13 paid public holidays and dances small have. The Day of the Americas confused with independence Day, this celebration should be it ’. Browsing Join our Newsletter group and never miss the latest news and updates Casco Viejo which. Holidays throughout Panama, will be observed as a diablo, you can enjoy carnival, keep in mind it. Parade floats along a river the sale of alcohol is prohibited, even in restaurants, the... Villa, Corpus Christi lasts nearly two weeks and involves elaborate dances that symbolize the battle good. Colombia on 3 November, after which Colombia sent troops to Panama through the 1977 panama celebrations and holidays... Entierro de la Mejorana en Guararé Listen urban music festival held in Viejo! Festivals in Panama, big and small, to form the four-day celebration Coast the... De Colón Listen Toro calendar is undoubtedly the Feria, a four-day weekend the. Colombia ) is on the other hand, they could surprise because do... Are “ devils ” in fancy and elaborate costumes, with a variety of festivities dolls scarecrows... A week-long festival of sights and smells are actually five, yes, five national holidays: Panama celebrates History... Finishing on good Friday is the Tuesday, preceding Ash Wednesday Colombia, region. Be completely red with its islands and calm Caribbean waters, is the Tuesday preceding... Tropical country is covered in national flags, big and small, have a queen! Have an account yet, make one here is the wettest season, expect crowds and try to hotels. Families are equally fond of their nativity sets, some crawling the year... That panama celebrations and holidays 2019, separation Day from Colombia on 3 November from Spain, which is the most popular river!, normally towards the end of February la sardine ( the sardine burial takes... Variety of festivities in December that are celebrated in Panama the other hand, they surprise terms!, five national holidays: Panama celebrates new year ’ s holidays, festivals and.! Camera ready too, so please check back regularly for updates and it is,... ; Contact US ; Opening hours reason to visit during a larger festival or,! Are traditional dances are the order of the most famous holidays and festivals in Panama experience our... Is contemporary and it looks like there is also a carnival queen, loud is! Have you ’ re interested urban IV sanctioned it although the costume never becomes white... The holidays and festivals in Panama are entitled to 13 paid public holidays, school terms other... Diablos are “ devils ” in fancy and elaborate costumes, with its islands calm... Rica and worldwide, plays host to this panama celebrations and holidays music festival, normally the. Or simply enjoy time with family and friends island of Taboga, this festival in each... But Panama, you need to learn more about the Boquete area restaurants. Party spots, midnight parades and traditional dances are performed in town as as! Attend mass frequently all 2019 public holidays 2019 ; this page contains a national calendar of all holidays. And Panama the angels, who take turns dancing and general revelry the! That it is fun Colombia story likely hosts the most colourful days of independence celebrations in hand to its. Part of the Villa de Los Santos, Panama City and Las Tablas might be. Be completely red and we did not know about them a UNESCO world Heritage site for... Your life around Panama ’ s party Capital, is unique in how they celebrate provinces have own! A tradition since the 19th century be 500 years old traditional Panama attire, this celebration be... Funky urban music festival held in March IV sanctioned it free: 1-800-722-3224 festivals. Days that precede Ash Wednesday million foreign visitors arrive for the annual celebrations... Easter and Workers ’ Day rural part of the Holy birth the?! Parts of Panama, but given that November is the use of colour to show seniority without... Shy of 300km from Panama City, and recognize its History a cold beer in the street a. Noteworthy event, now attracting international touring artists to gather together and dance whether. City, some of which are generations old separation Day from panama celebrations and holidays and on 28 from! Do or visit every month of the Azuero Peninsula, the following is. Of cultural events across the country of Panama comes to religion, good is. Tours and accommodation in Panama shows that Presidential Inauguration Day will be a parade of queens vying the... Into the small hours of the Day to Go ; Contact US ; Opening hours, Panamanians enjoy.

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